Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Use of Twitter

Matt and I wanted to create a twitter account to see what all the excitement was about. You hear about twitter all over the place, whether it be on ESPN about athletes tweets, or on the local news. It seemed like everyone was on twitter and we wanted to see what we were missing. We had both used some social media sites and knew about them. The main one we each use is Facebook, we each have an account and check it around once a day.
We started our twitter account and actually ran into some issues at the very beginning. We had trouble figuring out how to follow people for a short time. Once we got past that, we realized we had no idea who we wanted to follow. We needed to think of someone we had enough interest in to hear what they had to say at all times of day, there is a real possibility of finding someone who says whatever is on their mind, and lets face it, no one needs to know that much about one person. We decided we would follow newscasters and of course professor Gruen.

There were a couple useful things with Twitter, but overall we did not see the point. we liked the fact that professor Gruen could put up announcements about class and we would be able to see them quickly. the problem with this fact is that he could send out an email and we would see it just as quickly. The most beneficial use of Twitter is the news part, it allows newscasters to reach a large audience quickly without having to go on the air. There is a lot of potential in Twitter for sharing important information quickly. They could use some changes, there is a large use of useless tweets, and we do not see this ending anytime soon. If you choose who you will follow wisely, you can have an enjoyable Twitter experience. Overall, we decided Twitter isnt right for our needs, it is essentially a Facebook status update withour photos or extra information about the person who posted it. Technology is so fast at sharing news today, that there are many other outlets than Twitter to get the information you need.

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  1. Sarah and I found very similar difficulties with Twitter. It was annoying trying to find specific friends. You either needed to have a certain email account or needed to know their exact username and the Twitter search is case-sensitive. I thought it was pretty much the Facebook status update as well, but Facebook has SO much more to offer.