Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogging about Blogging

I'm finding it hard to take the idea of writing a blog entry about my blog seriously. Does anyone else get the Esheresque feeling from this? I can't continue without sharing the best webcomic about the layers here, though if you are easily offended by language, don't visit the webcomic: penny arcade ad infinitum

Now that we've all recovered from the humor in using one outlet for social media to describe our experiences with another form of social media, lets talk about my awesome blog.

I first got my blog this summer but had temporarily let it die since I had to move unexpectedly and was really busy with school. I have a store on etsy.com where I sell my crafts and patterns to make some of my very original projects. A few other crafters that I really admire who sell their work on etsy all have blogs. It seemed right that I should have one too for my customers and followers to enjoy.

My blog isn't as simple as just having a blog. Words only get you so far when trying to convince people to place custom orders from you or purchase your other items. You need pictures too. I got a flickr account to manage the photographs for my blog since wordpress has a limit to the picture and video storage on their servers. I also have been working to encorporate my youtube account with my blog and flickr account. So far I have loaded one of my more creative youtube videos on the sidebar of my blog through the vodpod widget. I really enjoy the content creation but can't stand the effort it takes to upload the content to the different websites and get it all talking together to create one cohesive blog. I'm currently looking at setting up a blog at blog.thehairballz.com so that I don't have to deal with wordpress directly and have a bit more control over my blog. Blog.thehairballz.com would be a subdomain of the website I built for the company and host through dreamhost.

I've started to publicize and share my content by making my contacts on facebook and etsy aware of my blog, flickr account, and youtube account. I have also recently found that many of my friends working on novels for nanowrimo are also very interested in my crafts.

This topic is relevant to the course because it is marketing for my own online store. So far I've made about a hundred bucks without much trying. I hope that after graduation I will have more time to build my craft company and to sell more of my original patterns. Selling patterns is great, you make the nice PDF one time and then email it to anyone who clicks purchase. It's very easy.

If any of you are interested in all aspects of crafting and some really bizarre projects, be sure to follow me. You'll find me at thehairballz.wordpress.com.

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