Monday, November 9, 2009

Twitter V. Facebook Part 2

I still have been lured into Facebook over Twitter. I am not new to social media, and I still have yet to discover the gold behind Twitter. It's use for marketing capabilities are limited to the early adopters, as many laggers may not even know what this technology is. It limits the way you can express yourself by limiting characters, and makes it hard to see if anyone cares about what you are saying. Facebook is incredibly easy, and more personable. Although in response to competition, they have been making annoying changes as of late, bugging you to add more friends, or "reconnect". The pros of Twitter- emotionnless Tweets to all your twits. Facebook- a socially "acceptable" waste of time. They both win in their own right on this post. I feel myself not caring anymore...which may mean I feel the next big thing coming on......

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