Monday, November 23, 2009

I also chose twitter for my Social Media project and although I was not thrilled to be involved with twitter because I felt like it was for people my parents age, I learned a lot from the experience. My impressions of twitter when I first learned about it were that it was pretty silly, for older people to connect, and kind of creepy, since everyone was supposed to know what you are doing at that moment. The other problem was I heard all about it from my father and aunt who are in their late 40's. I was not interested in joining so they could know my everyday whereabouts. Once I was "forced" to try it through this project, I had an open mind going into it, some of my friends were into tweeting but it was not an everyday thing.
It was somewhat of a hassle trying to remember to update my twitter page and it was not all that exciting in my opinion to talk about what I was doing at the moment. I could only tweet from a computer and when I am on the computer I am either at work, in class or doing homework. Boring! Eventually, I realized I could tweet and post links to things I was interested in and this was much more effective and interesting. I also don't prefer the 140 character limit. I understand the reasoning behind it, "short, sweet and tweet!" but I don't like it, it could be slightly longer. I noticed that just based on my profile (without putting a picture up even) I had weird, creepy guys start following me right away. I'm not sure why or how they found me but I didn't like it at all. I didn't feel safe.
Overall, I am still not a very big fan of twitter, it does not interest me to go out and read other individual tweets, I would much rather be on facebook which is more interactive. I think that it is somewhat beneficial for businesses so they can see what people are saying about their brand, but I personally find it of no use.

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  1. I agree with your comment about Facebook being more interactive. Using the search feature for Twitter, though is extremely valueable for businesses - especially non-profits as I recently used it for the company I am interning with.