Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Twitter Experience

The original plan for me using Twitter was to get my friends into it to.  I failed epically.  I don't know if it is because of the age group of my friends (24-28), but they thought Twitter was a silly idea and none of them would actually create an account.  The usual response was "Why would I make use Twitter when FaceBook can do that", and I also got "Why would I ever want to tweet?". The good news is that some students from class wanted to follow my Twitter, and I've seen some interesting tweets.  My favorite of which was a can of bacon. 

Sadly I did end up following Brittney Spears, I know, but I wanted to see what on earth celebrities Tweet about.  Brittney Spears mainly tweeted about her shows and posted links to some pictures.  William Shatner used his Twitter to say when he was making appearances and to promote things like his website and online store.  These were really generic tweets.  I followed Sidney Crosby the hockey star, and he did a better job of making his tweets more personal.  The surprising thing is that Brittney Spears, Alex Ovechkin, and Tom Gruen's Twitters were hacked during the time period of the social media assignment.

Here are some funny celebrity Tweets  I found:

Jessica Simpson - I just woke up from a dream where I was told that if I ate a meatball sub I'd have to pee all day.  Why would I dream that? I had to pee.

Dane Cook - How should one refer to their great grandfather if he was actually a huge asshole?

Taylor Swift - Just cried after seeing the wal mart commercial where the mom drops her daughter off at college.

Using Twitter was okay but I don't think I'm going to keep using it.  I thought I might catch on to it but I found it was just something I did when I was bored.  When I was sick and stuck inside for a few weeks it was cool to do status updates but I don't think anyone really cared.  I recommended in the marketing plan for my internship recently that they create a Twitter so they can post announcements, articles, stories, and so on.  Its part of a plan to build an online community and reach younger age groups with MS.  I believe Twitter can be effective in this sense.  I found it limiting that you can only type so many characters, and you can only post links to videos and other content.  Being able to personalize the layout of the Twitter is a little limiting, and I have found it Twitter to be limiting in that some people won't use it because they think its childish, even though people 35-49 are the largest age group of users.

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