Thursday, November 19, 2009

Facebook Lessons Learned

At the beginning of the semester Regina and I knew how to sign on to Facebook, change our status, and a few other simple things. Over the course of the project we have learned to create a group, create events, and utilize other Facebook tools to bring people together. I believe that there is still a lot for both of us to learn about Facebook and how it can be used. More directly related to our course, I believe that the business has only begun to scratch the surface of marketing on Facebook.

Over the course of the coming years I think that Facebook will be an important part of our culture. Business will have to take care when they market on Facebook. If they go after this media platform too vigorously, they may push users to a different less cluttered platform. In the end I think that if businesses are smart they can use Facebook for many different applications to improve their position in the market.

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