Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brock and Zach’s Twitter Journey

We both decided on Twitter immediately because we really had no idea why it was becoming so popular, what it even was, or how to use it. We were actually a little excited to be able to gain followers and our main goal going into this was really to see what the fuss was all about regarding Twitter. Because we are quite familiar with the social media landscape, like Facebook and MySpace, we wanted to see if Twitter maybe tied in to make these experiences better or enhance it in any way. Below are our likes and dislikes.

What we liked
We did enjoy following certain celebrities like Shaq or Simon Cowell because it’s kind of cool to see what these guys actually do during a day. And this is why it is a great outlet for communication with other people who may want an updates on your life and to connect with someone who may be overseas or in another state. Twitter was also quite straightforward which we really liked because it was easy to post and follow someone else’s tweets. Another thing that we enjoyed was the ability to tweet from our phones with the appropriate application, and these can be found on nearly every Smartphone now.

What we didn’t like
We hate to admit it, but our list of gripes was much longer than our list of benefits. The one that comes straight to the top of the list is its redundancy. Twitter is so straightforward it’s both a blessing and a curse. We loved that it was so easy use but there are no alternative activities besides tweeting. This gets extremely repetitive and honestly quite boring after a while.

Also, does anyone actually think Twitter is that fun if you’re not a celebrity? We found that after a while people were nice but not very interested in what we were doing. Shaq is really the only person who can tweet about eating a hotdog and actually have people interested. I believe that if you don’t have a tight knit group of followers, that interest starts to hit the decline after a while. It’s to the point where your ability to personalize your profile on Twitter is so limited that you might as well be texting.

Lastly, it just seemed like Twitter was being used for promoting someone else’s product or service, not just connecting and making your tweets meaningful. We found this to be a huge downfall because it takes away the genuine aspect of social media. If you know that most people are on there just to sell you something, you start to be leery of almost everything and the amount of spam is just insane when it comes to this promotions. If this is not controlled, people may start remembering all of the reasons they hate junk mail and close their account.

Final verdict

Overall, our experience was pretty good. We thought that if used properly, Twitter can be an incredible source for communication. It can enable people to connect like never before. Like a spouse overseas in Iraq or a grandmother in another state who wants updates on how her family is doing. If Twitter can maybe give more options to personalize your account, enhance other social media sites, and avoid spam, it could grow even larger than it already has.

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