Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jin Lee

I choose to do my social media project in conjunction with my marketing plan, which was I made a twitter page for in order to inform the twittering crowd about the special discounts in which is offering. I was interested in twitter because of the recent media spotlight that has been placed on the site and its features. It was amazing for me to watch the coverage of this site and what it has become. I remember just hearing about it at the end last semester as a new facebook, and how it could revolutionize the social media industry. All the celebrities are using and these days news programs are even getting their news from it.

What I Liked

I liked the fact that i could follow all my favorite celebrities and sport stars, it was interesting to see how Chad Ocho Cinco was playfully talking crap to Jay Cutler and Da Bears (my team) before their game against each other. He said he was gonna run circles around the bears defense and do a special dance if he scored a touch down and he did. Although this was very painful for me to watch, it was interesting to see the game commentators mention the tweets.

What I didnt Like

I did not like the way that the site is set up, It was kind of hard to use and find followers. Sometimes it seemed almost tedious to even be on the site tweeting. Although I did not get many followers i believe that this could be a great source of free advertising for the website. In the future, I would of like to get more followers by possibly putting a link on, and additionally advertise their presence in twitter through facebook and myspace. Moving forward I would like to continue blogging for this firm as this company grows.