Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is Second Life right for you?

Still asking your self if second life is the place for you?It is often asked why do I want to act like someone that looks fake and participate in a fake world? The is simplest of answers is because the complexity of the programing feels as close to real as you can on a computer. As we progress with in our quest to learn about this online space we stopped to take the time to make our avat

ars look like they belong in second life.

We really got a feel for how detailed you can make your avatar. While editing our avatars we started with the face and fou

nd that there are more than sixty setting to edit the face alone. Moving on to the

hair about twenty five setting to adjust from color to style. This complexity is there for the whole body, and what is ev

en more astonishing it’s free!!! Just imagine what you can do with the services you pay for. This level of realism is only incre

ased when you add in the your real voice. Most avatars on

Second Life are controlled by people who are hooked up to microphones. When you approach someone in second life it is much like having a real conversation. If you are still asking your self if Second Life is for you check back for more updates.

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