Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Facebook Events - A great way to get the word out

Over my brief experience using Facebook I have encountered many applications. Games like Mafia wars, and applications like watergun fights are pretty popular with the crowd I keep up with, but one of my favorite applications has to do with events. Down in the bottom left corner of your Facebook homepage is a little icon of a calendar page. By clicking this icon you can start the process of creating an event. Events can be anything from a child's birthday party to a scheduled lecture in a class that you attend (as may of you can attest). I think that the events icon is important because it is a very easy way to get the word out to people about something. For businesses this could be particularly powerful. Businesses who have a large following of people as group members could send notification of sales, links to special coupons, or value added information on products and services. Since events are so easy to create and share they can make advertising something very easy. The events function also allows you to keep an RSVP list of people who have confirmed that they will attend the event.

So the next time you want to get the word out about something, consider using Facebook .


  1. I agree, Gary. I think that using the events option would be particularly useful for getting the word out and increasing participation in sales promotions. By the way, you did a fantastic job with your page - it was really informative and useful.

  2. I love the facebook events. I use them for family gatherings, regular craft nights with my girlfriends, UCCS club meetings, and of course great parties. The idea of using it for promotions is new to me, but I can see it happening. I have heard of people using it for candle, tupperware and other parties so far. I think that most businesses are still using the fan pages status updates as the primary way to get the message out about sales.

  3. I really like the facebook events app also! Since everyone is on facebook and not everyone sends texts, it is an easy way to get the word out about something going on! I use them all the time. I don't really get into all of the game app though, I don't want to get all the spam messages and emails from it.