Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is second life the life for you?

Still asking if second life is for you? Ask your self what are you into in first life? It a Friday night and you and your friends are going to have some fun what would you do? What ever that one thing was why would you not be able to do that in second life with your friends from the other side of the world. If your thing is going to the club give it a “shot” is second life or take that shot in second life. In second life things can be just as real and just a much fun As they are in first life. In second life you never have to be concerned about getting hurt or getting busted. Maybe the club and party seen are not for you and you enjoy shop then second life is the place for you. You can be at any mall with in seconds and looking through goods that are custom made for you. Still not your thing why should you have to get out of bed and drive to class every day. No need just join one of the major universities that have a campus online. Online school is already around I know, but with standard online school how do you have lecture or communicate with other people ?email?. Why not sit in class and see the professor lecture, be able to ask a question with you real voice have a debate. Groups project cake just get everyone to meet and share ideas back and forth like we do every week. As you can see the possibilities are endless.


  1. Thank you for the education on Second Life. I really had no idea what the hype was about until you explained what Second Life is and what it can do. Good job.

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  3. I liked this one because no one else even thought of doing second life. I didn't realize how popular it was is Europe either. Good info, cool presentation.