Thursday, November 19, 2009


When Twitter first came on the scene, I said that I would never use it. I had an unnatural scorn for it, as I associated it only with following what celebrities were doing. I could care less what Ellen is doing today. Then I started seeing businesses using Twitter. I'm still not convinced that it's an effective marketing tool.

I suppose that a large part of it hinges on what age your target demographic falls into. It seems like a large majority of people over the age of 45 don't even really know what Twitter is. Of those, some of those individuals may use Facebook but will probably never use Twitter. I can safely say that my parents will NEVER use Facebook or Twitter. I'd be willing to wager $1 million on it.

I think that one of Twitter's major drawbacks is the 140 character limit. "Tweeting" was fairly straight forward but I found other things to be counter-intuitive. I'm a fairly computer literate person and I still don't know if I ever figured out how to send a direct message to someone. Did you ever get that message Brock?

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