Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amandaandrachel on Twitter

Twitter is used by many as a way to broadcast their ideals and connect with friends in a virtual world. It is also used by small and large companies alike to promote customer relations, create a bond with their ideal markets, and push their marketing agendas. Since Rachel and I both have never encountered the social media network, we decided to take the opportunity to join the Twitter network for our social media project. What we've learned from this experience is that is difficult to convey what you're trying to say in a 140 character limit; we've also learned that the range of people using this media is limited.

Because of Twitter's limited reach and lack of personalization options, it is less conducive in terms of allowing users to connect with others. Perhaps what we see as a shortcoming is what makes them so successful. It is a major appeal to have your location and personal life kept secret, something FaceBook and MySpace broadcast to anyone whom visits your page. However, this doesn't allow any "followers" who don't already know who you are to get a sense of what you're about.

After giving Twitter an honest effort, we have come to the conclusion that FaceBook is still our preferred social media website for the time being. They do have incredible potential as they currently reach a more mature market; however, it is somewhat lost on the younger age range.

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  1. I absolutely agree with what you guys stated.
    We also tried using Twitter and speaking for myself, I prefer Facebook over Twitter as well. Nevertheless, I believe that Twitter does have some valuable potential as an advertising tool. I think its amazing how many companies and brands as well as celebrities use Twitter to promote themselves. I do think that it is a lot easier for those groups to use this tool effectively, than it is for "normal" people like us.